Record Of The Week


Every week we post our favourite record of the moment on Facebook. This might be a new release, or maybe a great one from the past that we’ve found, or perhaps just whatever’s in the car stereo that week! Either way, you can find all our past picks right here:


w/c 7/11/16: On Air (Queen)15036717_355057398178145_6908508816793665454_n

A collection of all Queen’s sessions for BBC radio back in the 70s. Featuring alternate takes of some of their best early songs, quite a few less heard tracks and the only studio recording of the fast version of We Will Rock You.

w/c 14/11/16: Resonate (Glenn Hughes)

Sad that his tour was cancelled but Glenn Hughes‘ hard rockin’ new album, Resonate, is awesome. Our full review can be found here!



w/c 28/11/16: Ellipsis (Biffy Clyro)

bifAfter their awesome (and giant!) gig at the Glasgow Hydro this week, we have to go with to be Biffy Clyro‘s superb recent album, Ellipsis! Plenty of great tunes from it on show yesterday, as well as lots of classics.