The primary section of our website (at least in the initial phase), here’s where you’ll find all the articles we’ve written on the music industry, history of bands and artists, music we enjoy, hopes and fears for the future as well as any other topic that’s come to mind!


We’ve split this into two sections:


General articles on virtually any music related topic, written by the hand of our very own scribes.

Roads To Rock N Roll

Tales of how various musicians, artists and fans found music for themselves, and what it means to them.

Record Of The Week

Every week we post our favourite record of the moment on Facebook. This might be a new release, or maybe a great one from the past that we’ve found, or perhaps just whatever’s in the car stereo that week! Either way, you can find all our past picks right here:

Tuesday Blues

Every Tuesday we post a favourite blues song on our Facebook page. You can find all our previous choices in this archive…