Single/Video Review: Who Is She? (The Naked Feedback)

By Cameron Arndt, all images © The Naked Feedback

If I had to sum it up Who Is She? in just a few words… If I had to liken it to music by other artists… If pressed to describe the track in the most accessible way possible… I’d say something like:

Crushing riffs and leads in the style of Queens Of The Stoneage, married to a Beatles-esque earworm chorus, with a fizzing guitar break that could have been perpetrated by Jack White himself.

That’s if I had to pare it right down. But that description – superlative filled though it may be – does the new single from The Naked Feedback a big disservice. Opening with a buzzing, venomous riff that sounds like Josh Homme’s lot at their most visceral, Who Is She? contains all the elements that made TNF’s two previous singles, Cannelure and Creaking Floorboards, so special. The track contains everything mentioned above, but it’s all wrapped up in the band’s own unique style and distinct identity. The recording is slick and modern, with just the right amount of bite, the song contains hooks galore, and the performances are uniformly top notch.

Somehow this third in the band’s series of one-off singles takes things up yet another level. The vital, livewire energy that pours out of the speakers when the song kicks in fully is something to behold. In fact it’s almost frightening. Driven… no, mercilessly propelled forward by Derek Whiteford’s whipcrack drumming, and pinned by Jack Oliver’s thudding bass, the Anderson brothers on guitar are free to crank out those stinging riffs with abandon.

Dean Anderson’s vocals, meanwhile, are unlike those of any of the bands mentioned previously. With deep, resonant and vibrant tones he leads the line with both grit and flair. When the chorus hits they go high for the Who Is She stinger, before the Beatles influence manifests itself with the great ‘ba-ba-ba’ refrain. It’s little touches like that that set this band apart from the glut of  modern, heavy indie/rock bands out there.

Something else which sets Who Is She? apart is the superb left turn the song takes towards the end, as Whiteford spins on a dime into a pounding, punishing tom beat, providing the bedrock for some ripping but atmospheric guitar licks which stab in without warning, momentarily stunning the listener, before dissipating just as quickly as they arrived. It’s breathless, breathtaking stuff, all done with the band’s signature sexy swagger, and boundless enthusiasm.

Speaking of sexy swagger, check out the accompanying video. Each of the recent singles have been accompanied by a high quality clip and this is no different. In recording engineer Mark Morrow and video director Stuart Breadner the band seem to have found two perfect foils for producing their music, and for bringing the band’s strong visual identity to the masses. They partner with both once again for this release.

Breadner has created another video that’s as full of style as the production values are high. With sweeping, swooping cuts around the four band members and a palate of bright colours (a red curtain here, white jacket there) on a dark background, the real focus are the tantalising glimpses of a mysterious woman, twisting around in a vortex of red silk… Who Is She? It’s burlesque performer Miss Hell’s Belle, doing her part to really amp up the magic of the video.

So what are you waiting for?! Get it watched, right here! You can also check out the previous vids for Cannelure and Creaking Floorboards at the bottom of the page. Plus you can do your part to support one of the single most exciting bands out there today by buying their singles on iTunes or Amazon!

The Swedge Rock train keeps on rolling!

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